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Temporary Staffing Program

 In today’s economic climate, labour requirements can fluctuate greatly. SMS PROS can manage your everchanging temporary staffing needs and adjust your labour force, accordingly, giving you a competitive advantage. Temporary staff will work at an hourly rate agreed upon between the client and our company. Clients have the option of hiring a temporary worker after a 3-month probationary period or may choose to have the employee remain on our payroll through our payroll and human resources program.

Permanent Staffing Program

You can rely on our professional recruiters to provide a seamless solution to your permanent staffing needs and to find the right employees the first time. The cost of this program is employee specific (required skills, knowledge, experience, etc.) and is based on a percentage of the employee’s first year earnings. Percentages will be negotiated with the client in advance of beginning the recruitment process. Once a percentage is agreed upon, the client will submit a detailed job description, including pay scale, and SMS PROS will immediately undertake the responsibility of finding the best suitable candidate in the least amount of time to alleviate any potential interruption to the client’s business. All permanent employees are guaranteed for 3 months.

Payroll and Human Resources Program

There are many benefits of having SMSPROS handle all your payroll and/or human resources needs. Our Payroll and Human Resources program uses the latest cloud-based software which allows for client scalability, collaboration, flexibility of work practices, and business continuity. Our team also works hard to stay up to date with all the latest Canadian regulations to ensure the most accurate and efficient service possible.

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